About Us

Dominion Bilingual Academy


The choices you make now regarding your child’s education will play a major role in his or her scholastic and social future. The most important times for establishing efficient and effective habits are the earliest years of academic exposure. At DBA, your child will learn to study attentively and act positively, both in the classroom and in social environments. Our varied programs and methodologies are designed to elicit a desire for fairness and success, and these qualities will guide your child steadfastly on the path to a fulfilled future of integrity, intelligence, and the overwhelming wealth of confident knowledge.

Our unique approach to teaching combines Pre-K Educational Standards with the groundbreaking Core Knowledge curriculum. This broader vision ensures that our students perform well in the classroom and obtain a first-class educational foundation that will carry them successfully into elementary Secondary school and beyond.

Coupled with the above, our inclusion of the fine arts, theatrical exposure, technological training, and activity awareness immerses your child in a balanced system of intellectual, moral, emotional, physical, and creative development.

D.B.A Dakar has been providing Senegalese and foreign pupils with an outstanding education and developing communication skills. It is known for its rigorous bilingual (French and English) Curriculum base on its principal goal which is the promotion of language and learning skills.

Through its innovating and dynamics teaching skills, D.B.A offers a bilingual and American curriculum. D.B.A Dakar follows the Senegalese national curriculum under contract with the government.